New book – “Radical Media Ethics”

My new book, Radical Media Ethics-A Global Approach, is ready for pre-order from or [...]

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Buzz-word ethics — Is there such a thing as “personalized” journalism ethics?

In journalism and in journalism ethics, the depth of the words and concepts we use are often paper-thin. Some new phrase sounds nice and, as journalists, we like [...]

UBC Students Go Global — Fill Gap in International Reporting

In an era when mainstream newsrooms cut back on global reporting, the School of Journalism at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, has stepped in to help [...]

Beware of “False News” Laws — a warning from Zimbabwe

Many of us have been upset by erroneous and biased reports in the news media. Often, such stories, where touching on important issues, prompt us to wonder whether we need [...]

Introducing the Ward Code for Global Integrated Ethics

The Ward Code for Global Integrated Ethics is one of the first comprehensive statements of fundamental principles for journalism ethics in a global and online media [...]