Month: August 2014

The media’s tipping point: Covering gender is the next frontier is pleased to post its first contributor’s feature article by Prof. Katherine M. Bell of California State University-East Bay on media [...]

Is talk of a Canadian “press council” outdated?

Newspapers Canada, an industry voice, is seeking feedback on a proposal for a national press council to be launched in 2015 [...]

Personalized or De-Personalized Ethics? A False dilemma

By Stephen J.A. Ward (Then blog was first published as an ethics column for the J-Source web site in Canada.) The creation of a global and open media [...]

Buzz-word ethics — Is there such a thing as “personalized” journalism ethics?

In journalism and in journalism ethics, the depth of the words and concepts we use are often paper-thin. Some new phrase sounds nice and, as journalists, we [...]