This website promotes responsible democratic journalism in a global media world through analysis and critique of leading issues. It is an example of media ethics as activism – advocating for informed journalism in the public interest.

To be frank, the site is also a place for self-promotion. The site circulates my ideas. It indicates how groups might use my expertise, from giving talks, doing media commentary, organizing workshops and developing new ethical guidelines.

I have created and directed academic sites for journalism ethics. But this site is more personal. Much of the analysis is my perspective on media and the state of its ethics. However, on occasion, I will ask others to contribute their perspectives.

My viewpoint is global. I will write about issues wherever they might occur, and show linkages with similar issues close to home. My approach is practical and interdisciplinary. Journalism ethics addresses the issues that face practitioners in the field. The study of such issues should draw on insights from all disciplines, from the natural and social sciences to philosophy and history.

I will not campaign for certain political ideologies or groups. However, I am not a neutral observer. I engage the issues from my liberal democratic perspective.

This is not a site for “hot talk” or partisan tirades. The site will attempt to offer thoughtful, informed discussion and dialogue. The site aims to be what I call a “dialogic media space” where reasonable people think about difficult issues in a reasonable manner.